First Good Birds on the Patch – 3/xi/13

A quiet week was made up for when news came through of a male Black Redstart in Mumbles. Although it isn’t the rarest species in the world, it is a decent species for the Welsh and patch lists and a year tick. After a short search the bird was found though was distant the whole time. Below is a montage of a few poor shots that I took:

Black Redstart - Mumbles.

Black Redstart (Male) – Mumbles.

I watched the bird flitting around the rooftops (with two Rock Pipits, two Pied Wagtails and a Robin) for a short while. Whilst watching the bird, another bird came into view, this one a female/1st-winter. A good bird to see together with the male, and a nice self-find. Below are a few more bad record shots:

Black Redstart (Female) - Mumbles

Black Redstart (Female) – Mumbles


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