Trip to Pembrokeshire – 22/i/14

I got up and cycled to the train before dawn, and reached Haverfordwest by 8:30. However, I managed to get completely lost in there and took an hour to find my way. By 10:15 I had managed to reach a small village called Simpson’s Cross, and here I noticed a small flock of gulls in a roadside field. I scanned through them and quickly picked out a large white-winged gull. My first thought was that it was a 1st-winter Glaucous Gull, but I quickly realised that the bill lacked the distinctive divide between the black tip and pale base. Also, the bird had a surprising amount of dark markings on the outer primaries. The bird did however have the size and structure of a Glaucous Gull. I suspect that this bird is a Nelson’s Gull (Glaucous x Herring hybrid). Below are some pictures that I took of the bird:

Glaucous x Herring Gull 0032 PSed Glaucous x Herring Gull 0031 PSed Glaucous x Herring Gull 0027 PSed Glaucous x Herring Gull 0001 PSed

I decided to carry on towards the coast, but quickly realised that my front tyre had punctured. A kind local lady gave me a lift to the nearest village (Roch) were I pumped it up a bit then managed to make it down the hill to Newgale.

On arrival, I noticed another small gull flock on the flooded camp site. As I scanned these I picked out another large white-winged gull, this time a definite 1st-winter GLAUCOUS GULL. As I headed further along the road I saw a 1st-winter ICELAND GULL fly down onto the marsh. I sifted through the gulls flying around at the far north of the beach, and managed to pick out the adult winter KUMLEIN’S GULL. I got a bit closer and had some brilliant views of the bird:

Kumlein's Gull 0005 PSed Kumlein's Gull 0016 PSed Kumlein's Gull 0044 PSed3 Kumlein's Gull 0047 PSed

The 1st-winter ICELAND GULL that I had seen earlier joined it and I had good views of that as well.

After a while I headed back to the marsh and managed to get some very brief and distant views of the drake GREEN-WINGED TEAL amongst the Teal, and Mallard.

Other birds noted during the day included all the common gull species Kittiwake, Lapwing, Curlew, Rock Pipit, Kestrel, Little Egret and a Raven which gave very good views on the beach:

Raven 0020 PSed Raven 0022 PSed


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