Gull Watching on the Patch – 30/i/14

No lectures last Thursday meant that I had the chance to do a bit of birding. I headed down to Blackpill and spent a good few hours looking for the Iceland Gull which had been seen briefly on Wednesday by Mark Kipkin. I came across Mark who was also looking for the bird, but neither of us had managed to see the bird, after a good couple of hours. However, as dusk arrived we noticed a good number of gulls further along the coast, so I cycled up and managed to pick up the bird sat on the sea in the fading light.

In the poor light, the bird appeared to have clean white wing-tips. However, it has since been photographed well by Barry Stewart, and is in fact a KUMLEIN’S GULL, a nice bird for the patch. Other birds of note seen whilst at the site were 8 Mediterranean Gulls, 1 Dunlin, 5 Redshank and 2 Bar-Tailed Godwits.


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