More UBC Birding – 26/iii/14

I haven’t been out birding, so I decided to go for a wander down to the coast and see if I could pick up anything of interest. At first glance it looked very quiet, with only a few common Gull species out on the sandbar. I scanned the sea, but could not see any birds other than a few more Gulls (and two Seals). There were a few Corvids kicking about but there was nothing of interest around at all. However, the day was saved when a Tringa wader flew in calling and was quickly identified as a Greenshank. A patch tick, and a new species for the UBC area (taking my UBC total to 50). I managed a few ropey record shots of the bird too:

Greenshank 0041 Ced

Greenshank 0044 Ced

Later, at the entrance to the university I heard an unfamiliar song and looked up to discover that it was coming from a Jay. I have never heard a Jay in song before, but according to Collins they do sing in late winter. Also, Long-Tailed Tit, Treecreeper and Chiff-chaff heard but not seen were the highlights from Singleton Park.


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