Scotland Trip – Day 3 – 14/iv/14

My first Sand Martin of the year was seen over the Golf Course at Boat of Garten, early in the day, but the best birds came in late, with a visit to Lochindorb. Good numbers of Red Grouse were in evidence as always. A few Redshank, Oystercatcher, Lapwing and Curlew were present on the shores of the loch. On the loch itself, a pair of summer plumage Black-Throated Diver showed near the far shore against an impressive sunset. An Osprey flew north over the loch, but unfortunately did not stop to do any fishing, and the day was completed with a male Black Grouse showing distantly for a short while on a hillside to the south of the loch. Below is a very poor record shot of the bird.

Black Grouse 0002 Ced

A Woodcock was seen briefly over the road on the way home south of Carr-bridge. To finish the post, here is a picture of one of the male Red Grouse which showed well enough for a few decent pictures.

Red Grouse 0025 Ced3


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