Malta Trip – Days 1-4 – 4-7/vii/14

I’m just back from a non-birding holiday in Malta. Malta has a very limited range of breeding birds and is more noted for the huge numbers of birds that pass through on their migration in spring and autumn. However, I still managed some decent birds during a great holiday. Here are the highlights:

The first birds that I saw were a new species for me and I hadn’t even left the plane. The Maltese Islands hold thousands of Spanish Sparrow, and they can be very confiding.

Spanish Sparrow 0033 Ced

Spanish Sparrow 0015 Ced

Spanish Sparrow 0031 Ced

Also seen during the first few days, were a Sardinian Warbler at Marsaskala to the south of the island, along with several Yellow-Legged Gulls and a Grey Wagtail in Floriana.

Some insects of note were also seen including my first Lang’s Short-Tailed Blues and Eastern Dappled Whites.Leptotes pirithous 0004 Ced

Euchloe ausonia 0003 Ced

A stunning male Red-Veined Darter was also seen very well.

Sympetrum fonscolombii 0006 Ced

Also of note were the Maltese Wall Lizards which are endemic to the islands.

Maltese Wall Lizard 0002 Ced


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