NGB Bardsey Trip – Day 3 – 29/ix/14

As with the previous two days, day three began very well. I had gone down to the Withies with Mike (one of the volunteers) who was helping me to have a go at some ringing. We had done several rounds of the nets and I had had the chance to ring some of the commoner passerines, when I noticed something different in one of the nets. The bird was a Yellow-Browed Warbler! Mike carefully extracted it from the nets and placed it into a bird bag. I carried it up to the obs to be ringed.

Everyone had already gathered by the ringing hut, because yesterday’s Firecrest and several Goldcrest had also been caught.

P1230573 CedP1230602 Ced

The Yellow-Browed Warbler was held next to the other two species for direct comparison

P1230597 CedP1230616 CedP1230613 Ced

Yet another highlight of the week came, when I was allowed to release the Firecrest into the obs garden!

I finished off my ringing, grabbed some breakfast and headed up behind the obs to the sycamore, where the birds had been released. They sycamore was alive with migrants. It held the Yellow-Browed Warbler and the Firecrest, along with around ten Goldcrest, two Chiffchaff and a male Blackcap. I sat for some time enjoying the spectacle, and taking a few photographs.

P1230623 Ced

Later in the afternoon, I went for a walk around the north-west fields, but the only highlight was a Little Owl, which I flushed and then saw distantly but well later.

The third day had been yet another memorable one!


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