Kentish at the Burrows – 20/x/14

While I was away over the weekend, news came through that a KENTISH PLOVER had been found at Crymlyn Burrows by Mark Hipkin. Fortunately it stayed put until I was back, and I was able to go and see it at the high tide roost.

It showed very well amongst the large numbers of Sanderling and Ringed Plover, spending most of the time asleep or resting, but was also seen in flight a few times. It allowed for quite a close approach – down to 20m or so giving excellent scope views.

P1230990 Ced

It was noticeably paler and a touch smaller than the Ringed Plovers that were present.

P1230951 Ced

P1230869 Ced

The other waders present gave great views. There were approximately 400 Sanderling present along with 220 Ringed Plover, 70 Dunlin, a Grey Plover, several hundred Oystercatcher, about 20 Knot and similar numbers of Turnstone. A Green Woodpecker was also seen on the burrows.

The visit added some great species to the UBC list, as Swansea University bid to retain the title after last years success!


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