Memorable Patch Visit – 5/xi/14

Setting off around one o’clock, I headed down along the coast past Blackpill. As I went by, I noticed a small group of geese on the foreshore. With my bins, I could see with my bins that they were dark-bellied Brent Geese. There where six of them, but they quickly took flight and headed south-west around the bay, and away to sea. This was immediately followed by another excellent species for the patch. A Little Egret flew in and landed on the shore, before flying north, where it joined another bird, and they both headed around the bay towards Port Talbot.

P1240068 Ced

Next, I visited Knab Rock and Mumbles Head, but both locations were very quiet. There were a couple of Stonechat and a very showy 2nd-winter Mediterranean Gull though.

P1240117 CedP1240111 Ced

On the way back north, I stopped again at Blackpill, where several Greenfinch and a Grey Wagtail were flitting about. Sixteen Great-Crested Grebe were offshore, along with a few distant seaduck. Gulls were present in their usual numbers, apart from Common Gulls, which were represented by nearly 100 more individuals than last time. However, the day was finished in style, when I spotted a male Kingfisher just upstream of the little bridge. I had great views and managed some record shots in the fading light. A great patch tick to end the day!

UntitledIMAG0472 Ced


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