Bunting Twitch – 9/ii/15

I headed down to Cardiff early, leaving Swansea train station at dawn, and arriving at Radyr train station a while later. After a short walk I arrived at Forest Farm nature reserve, where a Little Bunting had been visiting a feeding station for a couple of days. As soon as I entered the hide I saw the bird, feeding on seeds only a couple of feet away!

It proceeded to show brilliantly for almost all of the next couple of hours, usually being far too close for the scope. The chestnut ear coverts and detailed streaky plumage of the bird were enjoyed, as it fed alongside several Reed Buntings, giving excellent comparison opportunities.

Getting decent photos of the bird was not as easy as might be expected, because the bird was strongly back lit. I did manage a few acceptable ones though.

P1240787 Ced P1240801 Ced P1240809 Ced P1240835 Ced P1240856 Ced P1240876 Ced P1240787 Ced2I was back on the train by eleven and back in Swansea in time for lectures. A great start to the week and a great bird!

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