Scotland Trip – Day 1 – 30/iii/15

Having not been birding for a while, I was glad to head up to the central highlands for a couple of weeks around easter.

The journey north the day before had been very quiet, with the only species worth mentioning being several Kestrels seen from the car.

The first real day of the trip was cold and blustery, so I visited the top loch at Boat of Garten (also known as the pool east of the village). Unfortunately there was no sign of the 1st-winter Iceland Gull which had been reported, but there were quite good numbers of wildfowl. The highlights were; a female Goosander, 3 female Goldeneye, 18 Teal and 89 Wigeon. As I headed back towards the village (where we were based), I heard a Crested Tit from the track, but did not manage to see it. It had been a bit of a quiet start to the trip, but I was feeling pretty optimistic about the next couple of week’s birding.

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