Scotland Trip – Day 5 – 29/vii/15

I began day five, with a walk out to the headland at Rubha Hunish. The winds were reasonably strong and northerly, creating good seawatching conditions. However, an hour long watch produced very little, although I had good views of both Great Skuas and an Arctic Skua as they flew low overhead along the clifftop. A Peregrine and several Gannets also showed well there, and there were a few Fulmar and Kittiwake offshore. A nice juvenile Skylark was also there.

P1260753 Ced2

Once again, the views were quite something, despite the overcast conditions:

P1260739 Ced P1260733 Ced

Back at the camp, there were plenty of finches around, mostly Twite and Lesser Redpoll, but with a few Reed Bunting and Goldfinch about also.

P1260784 Ced3

We headed south, stopping at Uig, to see if there were any Black Guillemots about. There were, and a couple of them showed well from the pier, with several others further out in the loch.P1260874 Ced P1260847 Ced2P1260880 CedI also had good views of a couple of moulting Hooded Crows on the shore.

P1260823 Ced P1260824 CedTo finish things off on Skye, I took a boat trip from Portree harbour. The loch held a few Guillemot and Razorbill, and we sailed close by a single Black Guillemot too.

It was very choppy and I was starting to feel pretty rough, but it was worth it for the amazing moment that came a short while later, when the 22 year old White-Tailed Eagle known as ‘Frejya’ flew in and took a fish from the water only a few meters away! A huge bird and brilliant to watch. Unfortunately, due to the unstable conditions, my photographs were a bit disappointing, but here are a couple for the record.

P1260886 Ced P1260900 Ced P1260932 CedIt wasn’t over yet, however. As we watched the bird I could see it looking warily at the sky, and was amazed to see another two Eagles over the clifftop! They were both Golden Eagles, and they hung on the breeze for a while before drifting away over the ridge.

P1260917 CedThe boat arrived back in Portree a short while later, and we enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of the south end of the island, before heading away back over the bridge.P1260935 Ced

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