Scotland Trip – Days 6-17 – 29-10/vii-viii/15

The next ten days involved very little birding. I did see a couple of scruffy, moulting Crested Tits in Deshar Wood on the morning of day 10, but a visit to Lochindorb that evening was basically birdless.

P1260944 CedHowever, the imminent arrival of the autumn passage motivated me to visit the Lothian coast on day 17, whilst we were in Edinburgh visiting family.

A brief stop at Gosford Bay failed to produce any Red-Necked Grebes this year, but there were plenty of waders, mainly Sanderling, but with good numbers (150+) of Bar-Tailed Godwits also.

I visited Musselburgh lagoons next, and there was plenty about. At the mouth of the river Esk, waders provided the main interest, with roughly 20 Bar-Tailed Godwit, 20 Ringed Plover, 16 Dunlin, 30 Redshank, 15 Turnstone, 50 Curlew, 9 Knot and over 500 Oystercatcher. A large mixed flock of hirundines also showed up briefly, but there was nothing unusual amongst them.

P1260965 Ced P1260970 Ced

Further offshore, there were good numbers of Common Scoter and Velvet Scoter, plenty of moulting Eider and a large flock of 94 Goosander! Gannets, Fulmar and Sandwich Terns were constantly present, feeding further out over the water.

P1260976 Ced P1260988 Ced P1260997 Ced P1270009 CedAt the lagoons, there were plenty more waders, with at least 5 juvenile Ruff, 3 Common Sandpiper, 5 Knot, 5 Lapwing, 6 Bar-Tailed Godwit, 150 Bar-Tailed Godwit and 200 Dunlin.P1270038 Ced P1270077 Ced P1270078 Ced

The highlight, though was a 1st-year Little Gull, though it was always a bit distant.

P1270061 Ced

P1270064 CedA nice start to the autumn.


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