UK300! – 13/i/16

I was back in Scotland again this week, though only for a few days. On the way back south, we took a slight detour to Burgh-by-Sands (near Carlisle) to look for the Snow Goose which has been wintering on the Solway.

On arrival, I could see that there were a lot of Barnacle Geese present (svl. 1000), and they were very distant. After some unsuccessful scans of the flock they took flight and I was able to pick out the bird. It was clearly larger than the Barnacles even at this range, and its predominantly clean white plumage made it stand out well. The black primaries and blue-grey coverts were also visible.

Unfortunately the flock disappeared from view temporarily and I was unable to relocate the bird, though at this range I was lucky to have seen it at all!

Obviously, it was pointless attempting photographs, but others have managed some which give the general impression. See:

It is also worth mentioning that – as the title implies – this was my 300 species of bird in the UK! A nice landmark to reach.


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