Armchair Tick… – 9/iii/16

I’ve taken a self-imposed birding break recently while I finish my final year at university, but despite this I have been lucky enough to add another species to my British list.

On 9th March the BOU accepted Lesser Canada Goose as a full species, and it was one which I have seen previously – more than 10 years ago (in December 2005) at Caerlaverock WWT – during a family holiday. The bird was of the subspecies ‘taverneri‘, and was seen feeding amongst the large flocks of Barnacle Geese which frequent the reserve during the winter.

Below are a couple of record shots of the bird which my Dad took at the time:

Goose_Canada_Taverner%27s_05.12.19 002PSed240 Ced

Photo – John Garside

Goose_Canada_Taverner%27s_05.12.19 009PSed210 Ced

Photo – John Garside

Other pictures of this bird can be found at:

It is unlikely that there will be any further updates here until the summer, when I look forwards to getting out and birding again!


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