More Visits to the Wetlands – 1-12/ix/16

Since my return from university I have birded this site far more than any other, and it is fast becoming my new patch. A few visits so far this month have produced some good birds.

Firstly, a brief wander around Goldcliff cemetery and Boat Lane on the 1st produced a few migrants; three Yellow Wagtail, a Grey Wagtail, three Whitethroat and two Skylarks were all seen, and several Willow Warbler were heard only.

I paid another brief visit on the 12th, this time visiting the Uskmouth area of the reserve. I was hoping to see the Wryneck which had been present for a few days. On arrival there was no sign of the bird in the area where it had reportedly been seen, and several birders told me that it had not been present for several hours. I decided there was little point in staying there, so moved away to some other likely areas nearby. I scanned searched for a while and after about half an hour I found the bird on a small path, close to the area where the 2011 bird had been. This bird was very elusive, however, generally remaining in the cover of some willows and only showing briefly and at distance. I did manage a record shot though.


Interestingly this was the fourth Wryneck at this site since 2000 (with records in 2008, 2011, 2013 and now 2016) and all have occured within the first three weeks of September. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen three of them, having only missed out on the 2008 bird. Hopefully I can find the next one myself!


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