Shetland Trip – Day 4 – 29/ix/16

After an excellent 24 hours, day 4 dawned with strong wind from the NW and persistent drizzle. Things got worse when I discovered that my phone had broken, meaning that I now had to rely fully on the less than adequate pager which I had rented.

I decided to head to Laxo, Mainland, for the Bluethroat which had been reported for several days. It seemed like it would be easy, but unfortunately it wasn’t, the weather meant that the bird had gone into cover and refused to come out during the couple of hours that I was there. A distant Merlin was meager consolation.

With the forecast supposedly better in the north, I decided to try my luck on Unst again. A Blyth’s Reed Warbler had been in a small garden at Uyeasound for the best part of a week. However, the wind once again put paid to my plans, and in a couple of hours the only bird I saw was a Yellow-Browed Warbler. Meager consolation once again.

I headed back to mainland where I discovered that the Greenish Warbler at Aith (which I had dipped on my first day) had reappeared. Convinced I couldn’t dip a third bird within the same day, I headed to the site, arriving early in the evening. I remained in the area until dark but unfortunately I failed once again! And once again the only consolation was offered by a Yellow-Browed Warbler.

All in all a very tough day, and one which proves that birding on Shetland is not always easy!



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