Blue Rock Thrush Twitch – 29/xii/16

I’ve had another lull in birding over the past month or so, but when news came out of a BLUE ROCK THRUSH less then two hours away in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, I decided it was worth a look. I arrived at around half twelve, and was enjoying good views of the bird just after 1.


It showed well on the rooftops for a while, though it was quite flighty and seemed to constantly be on the move. There is some debate about the origins of this bird, belonging to a species which is kept in captivity in low numbers. Furthermore, it appears to have an injured wing and blunted bill. However, it has been suggested that it appears to be of one of the eastern subspecies, rather than the European one, and may therefore have arrived earlier in the autumn amongst the glut of eastern rarities, some of which have also wintered such as the Dusky Thrush in Derbyshire. Whatever its origins it was a smart bird and well worth a visit! If accepted it will be only the seventh British record.


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